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Performing Arts

Mount Bridge School of Performing Arts offers excellence in arts education through innovate and diverse curricula, fostering creativity, self-esteem, nurtures students' love for art and prepares them for their career ahead. We firmly believe in our outreach program and are proud of the training, the excellent theater, the musicals, the concerts and recitals we hold at our school each year, and the reputation and achievements of our faculty. and in many state, national and international activities of students and teachers.

The Mount Bridge School of Performing Arts allows students to recognize the talent they already have and create an impact in music and theater, giving them the experience of discovering their inner potential and cultivating their musical and artistic talents. Mount Bridge students can acquire skills that will help them develop their niche in the chosen field and, ultimately, achieve their professional goals. In a highly positive learning environment, students of different genres of artistic expertise will be able to take full advantage of their knowledge and skills excel in music and theater.
Exclusive MAJORS

This school allows students to study in the following renowned majors

Listed below are programs currently being offered by Mount Bridge's School. Each program promises the ultimate in terms of ease & flexibility, affordability, and quality of education.

Mount Bridge University engages the services of an experienced and talented faculty comprising scholars, researchers, and professionals dedicated to both teaching and groundbreaking research. They blend academic theory with firsthand experience to enrich your learning experience and to broaden your perspectives on the latest issues and best practices.

  • Kurt J. Miolla Associate Professor of Doctoral Studies
  • Davey Bouslaugh Associate Department Head
  • Megan DuboisSenior Professor – Music Fundamentals
  • OraLee MitchellAssociate Professor – Music History


  • Actor
  • Theater Director
  • Dancer
  • Screenwriter
  • Theater Performer
  • Arts Administrator


Understanding of the latest trends of the industry and the commercial world

Professional approach to cost, time, accuracy and attention to detail

Self-Development skills to keep up to date with the fast changing world

Mount Bridge Computer Science




Start your degree in Computer Science and begin on the path to expanding your

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WORK-READY graduates

96% of our graduates succeed in
attaining a job in their desired

MBU aims to provide a learning experience that extends further then just securing a degree. Our accredited and interactive curriculum is of the highest academic excellence, and directly relevant to their chosen profession.

The lectures delivered by industry expert faculty improves students’ employability skills and offer in-depth subject knowledge and tools, that are of paramount importance for their chosen employment path; giving graduates a chance to secure their dream jobs.

flexible and self-paced

The career-focused degree programs at Mount Bridge offer flexible classes and learning options to students for a balanced work, family and education life. The online classes are designed to fit your schedule so you can complete your program at your own pace.